Vitalize V0.1

After what I consider a very successful first week, here's V0.1 of Vitalize.
I made a couple changes toward the main loop of the game, so the player can now go adventuring, get loot, go back to town, level up, get health back,buy equipment....

  • Enemies now drop loot (Added 3 items)
  • Added a nurse NPC (Ifl-31) that sell health syringe
  • Changed a bit how inventory is handled for the player and NPCs
  • Tried to make dialogues a bit easier to read
  • Added a small secret zone
  • Added 5 items ( 2 weapons and 3 equipment)
  • New items are sold by Aileen(top left NPC)
  • Ladders should now be easier to enter and exit
  • Experience hotfix
  • Inventory menu hotfix
  • Attack zone hotfix
  • Some other stuff I forgot to write down...

Like always feedback is really appreciated.
You can follow me on twitter for the latest news on Vitalize, I have some really important news coming in 1-3 days.
Again, a new version of the game will be released next Monday (19th March)

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Mar 13, 2018

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