Dancing Bandit is a western roguelike stealth dancing inspired game. Shoot cowboys, dance with the pretty ladies, don’t get spotted, but don’t forget. NEVER.STOP.DANCING.

Goal :

  • Always look up, when an arrow enter the white box, move in that direction.
  • Stay close to the ladies to dance with them to get points.
  • Shoot the cowboys to get even more points.
  • Don’t get caught spotlights.
  • There’s no winning, just try to get the highest score.


  • Wasd or zqsd to move.
  • Arrow keys to shoot in directions.
  • Space to start/restart the game.

Other Info/Making of: The game is really prototype-ish. I was working on the 3 day of the jam so I really didn’t put as much time as I would of wish on it, but I think it’s an interesting idea and I might continue improving it.

Things I would have liked to add:

  • Cowboys attacking the player.
  • Character animations.
  • More sound effects and better soundtrack.
  • Add more stealth elements like hiding.
  • Characters vanishing after a while.
  • Adding other actions in the dance(shooting,etc…)
  • Ammo.



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