Made for the 43th Ludum Dare following the theme : Sacrifices must be made.

Fast Fast Fire is an arcade inspired racing game in which you control a firetruck going at full speed in the streets. Try to save more stuff then you break to now get fired yourself!

Controls :

W,A,S,D or Arrow keys - Move

Space Bar - Shoot water (when not on cooldown)


I was working both on Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t get much time to work on this entry (about 10-12 hours) but I’m really proud of what I made. I wish I had time to add 1 or 2 more levels and add more sound effects.

The base idea was to only have to drive and then you’d get a different play mode, where you would control a fireman and extinguish stuff, but due to the lack of time I had to mix both together and ended up with this version.(Rip fireman sprite, I really liked you but I didn’t get the chance to use you)


I’m a solo game developer, this is my (Something-th) Ludum Dare. I’ve been doing games for a bit more then 3 years now. I’m currently trying out a new approach at game development by working on a project where I release a new game every month and share my “discoveries”,analytics,postmortems,source,etc…with my patrons

Behind the scene video:

Links :

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Seems impossible to pass lvl 3 and lacks a "restart" button

Appart from that, really pleasant simple game, fits the theme quite nicely ! :)