(Here's a html version of Sunken, please keep in mind the game was originally made for windows, if you face any issue you can try the standalone version)

Quick summary:
Explore a creepy dungeon,slay rats,ghost,skeletons, loot gold and equipment, but remember, do it quick because THE DUNGEON IS SINKING!

What is it really about?:

  • Slay monsters to get more experience, giving more points once you die.
  • Collect gold pieces that will make you rich and give you all the points you'll ever need.
  • Eat random meat pieces (totally normal in a dungeon) to heal you
  • Obviously loot chests to get more gear that boost a variety of stats.

What's the catch? every equipment is cursed, both helping and harming you and every ounce of gold slows you down, better run fast to not drown!

Controls :
Double Tap W,A,S,D : Move
Mouse over some icons to see tool tips.

Everything in Sunken was made by me, Tay'Naya, in less then 48 hours.
Hope you'll enjoy it, I'm really proud of what I managed to do in this ludum dare
and I can't wait to see what people think of it, so feel free to comment!

Software Used:

Linux and Mac Builds haven't been tested, please leave a comment or message if
they do not work for you, I'll try to see what I can do to fix them.


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